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Reporting and Analytics

Score sheet

The score sheet provides an overview of the student assessment for the current period.

To access this navigate to the Teacher Gateway and click on Reporting -> Score Sheet menu item.


The analytics section offers teachers the ability to know the general performance of students in a particular period or over several periods.

To access the analytics card, navigate to the Teacher Gateway and click Reporting -> Analytics menu item.

From the analytics card, click on the CONFIG button to open the configuration form.

Select the Information Type, options are:

  1. Period Statistics: this gives the summary statistics of student performance for a selected period(s) and supports Box-plots or Table.
  2. Student Performance: this gives the performance of a selected student(s) over selected periods, and can be used for trend analysis and comparison of student performance.
  3. Student Ranking: use this to get aggregate student ranking over the selected periods. This can help get the overall best student in a given course/subject over the selected period.
  4. Grades Summary: this gives the grade summary for the selected periods and supports pie/donut graphs and tables.


Select the Chart Type. The available chart types depends on the information type selected.

Select the Periods you want to generate the graph or table with.

For the Student Performance information type, you will need to also select the list of students you want to generate the graph or the table with.

After you are done filling out the Configuration Form click on the SAVE button to generate the graph/table

You can repeat the process to generate another graph or table.

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