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Activity Management

ASIS system supports activity management in three different contexts:

  1. Course: This activity type is managed by a course teacher for a particular course. 
  2. Level: This activity type is managed by a level teacher (Class Teacher) for activities not related to any specific course or programme.
  3. Programme: In schools where there are programme teachers (or multiple streams of students per level/class), then this might be used instead of the level activity.

Accessing the activity menu

How you access the activity menu depends on whether you are a course teacher, a class/level teacher, or a programme teacher.

For Course Teacher from the Teacher Gateway of a selected course/subject click on the Activities menu item to open the Activities Menu

For Level/Class Teacher from the Level Gateway of the Selected Level, click on the Activities menu item to open the Activities Menu.

For Programme Teacher from the Programme Gateway of the selected programme, click on the Activities menu item to open the Activities Menu

If you don’t already know how to switch to the different user Gateways read the documentation here

Adding a new activity

To add a new activity follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Create menu item from the Activity Menu to open the Activity Form.
  2. Fill out the form and click on the SAVE button to save the activity.
  3. Repeat step 2 to add more activities and click on the CANCEL button to close the form when done.

Activitiy form details

  • Date: the date of the activity.
  • Period: the currently selected period under which the activity is being added.
  • Activity Type: Select the type activity from the list of pre-configured activity types. This is configured by the school’s administration.
  • Theme: Enter the theme for the activity here.
  • Activity Details: Enter the details of this activity.
  • Is Gradable?: turn this one for gradable activity.
    • Assessment: Select the assessment type that is linked to this activity.
    • Total Grade: Enter the total score that is obtainable in the activity.
    • Grades (table): List of student grades. Use the ADD button to add a single entry of AUTO FILL to open an auto-fill form
  • Attachments (list): Use this to attach any relevant document. An example could be a pdf document containing questions for an assignment activity.
  • Send Notification ?: turn this on to enable and configure activity-based notifications for teachers and parents.
    • Has Notification Exception?: turn this on to configure notification exceptions. This can be used to filter the recipients of activity notifications.
      • Exception Students (Table): Select students to include/exclude in the activity notifications. This is used to filter the parents who will receive the notifications.
      • Exclude selected students? : turn this on to exclude the selected students instead of including them.
    • Has Custom Notification Body?: turn this on to configure custom message for notification. By default, the description field is used for the notification.
      • Notification Body: The text used for notification instead of the description field.
  • Description: Short description of the activity

Grade form details

This is not an actual assessment filling but is only available for awarding marks to students during a class activity. An example could be a contribution to or special participation in the current activity.

Fields in the single entry form are:

  • Student: select the student you want to grade
  • Score: enter the score obtained by the selected student.
  • Remark (Optional): Text remark for the selected student. This can be the reason for awarding the score. 


With the auto-fill form, you can select multiple students and assign the same score to all of them at the same time. Fields in the auto-fill form are:

  • Score: the score you want to assign to the students.
  • Remarks (Optional): Text remark for the selected student. Can be the reason for awarding the score.
  • Remove existing entries?:  turn it on to remove grades that have already been awarded in the activity before adding the new list.
  • Students (table): select the students you want to award the score.

Editing or removing activity

To edit existing activity entry

  1. Click on the Edit menu item from the Activity Menu to open the list of activity entries.
  2. Click on the desired entry to open the activity entry in editing mode.
  3. Make your changes and save.


To remove an attendance entry:

  1. Click on the Edit menu item from the Activity Menu to open the list of activity entries.
  2. Select the desired entry through the checkbox.
  3. Click on the REMOVE button at the top and confirm your action to remove it.

Note that activity cannot be added or edited in a closed period (That is a period closed by the school’s administrator).

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