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Course Assessment

ASIS supports two modes of assessment filling :

  1. Online assessment filling
  2. Offline assessment filling through excel uploads


To access the Assessment Menu, click on the Assessment menu item from the Teacher Gateway.

The Assessment Menu has four (4) menu items:

  1. Entry: used for the online assessment filling.
  2. Upload: use this to upload your offline filled excel data.
  3. Template: use this to generate an excel template with all the necessary information needed for filling out the assessment offline.
  4. Compute Scores: click on this menu item to compute the student scores, and ranking after you have finished filling out the assessment either through online or offline mode. Without this action, the reports will not be populated.

Online assessment filling

For online assessment filling follow the steps below:

  1. From the Teacher Gateway click on Assessment -> Entry menu path to open the Assessment form.
  2. On the Assessment form, the Period field is automatically populated with the currently selected period. Choose the assessment category from the Assessment field.
  3. Once the Assessment Category is selected the Student Scores table will be populated with the already configured scores (zero if nothing has been entered). Click on a student from the list of students to open the Student Entry Form.
  4. From the Student Entry form, enter the Score (the raw score not the converted score) and an optional Remark text. Click on SAVE to update the score for the selected student.
  5. Repeat step four (4) for all the students to update the assessment form.
  6. Click on the SAVE button to save the filled assessment to the database.
  7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for other Assessment categories to update the assessment form for all categories.


IMPORTANT: you need to save after filling in a particular assessment category before you select another one, or else you lose the unsaved work.

You don’t need to fill out the scores for every student before you can save. You can save at any time and continue at another time.

Offline assessment filling

For offline assessment filling follow the steps below:

  1. From the Teacher Gateway click on Assessment -> Template menu path to download an excel template which will be filled offline.
  2. Fill out the downloaded template. This involves filling the assessment columns for each student. Do not change any other data fields and do not add any more student entries yourself, this will make the excel templates unusable.
  3. To upload the filled excel template, navigate to the Teacher Gateway and click on the Assessment -> Upload menu path to open the assessment upload form.
  4. On the Assessment Upload form (scroll down if needed) click on the SELECT FILE button to select and load the information from your filled excel file.
  5. Inspect the loaded data and if everything is fine click on the SAVE button to save the data into the database.


You don’t need to fill in the scores for every student or category before you can upload. Empty fields will be taken to be zero (0). You can upload partial data and continue the rest later online or even offline again.

Computing assessment scores (Important)

After all the scores have been entered you need to perform a score computation action to compute the score conversions and student rankings.

To do this navigate to the Teacher Gateway and click on the Assessment -> Compute Scores menu path to perform the score computation action.

IMPORTANT: The assessment scores entered are not visible to parents and will not appear in reports unless this action is performed.

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