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Getting started

Obtaining Access to your school

To have access to the system as a teacher you need to first have a registered account. Your school administrator can then give you access to their space. 

If you do not already have an account kindly read the section on Account Registration and Login from here

If you have not been given access by your school administrator then you need to contact the school administrator for access before you proceed with the rest of the documentation.

Note that your school administrator will need your Account ID before they can grant you access. This can be found on your account profile  (account_menu -> profile) after you have logged in. You can have a look at the description of the top Navigation Menu here

Selecting a subject or course to administer (Teacher Gateway)

Administration of a course/subject starts from the Teacher Gateway. To access the teacher gateway for a specific course you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the switch icon from the top navigation menu.
  2. Select Course from the drop-down list to open the course selection form.
  3. Select a course from the list of courses to take you to the Teacher Gateway of the selected course.


If you do not see the list of courses or if a particular course/subject is missing, it may mean that you have not been granted the right access to these courses and you need to contact your school’s administrator.

Once a course is selected the name of the selected course appears on the top navigation bar if you are on a wide screen. On mobile and smaller screens this does NOT show.

To switch to another course/subject repeat the above steps and select the course you want to switch to. Not that you can administer one course/subject at a time.

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